Welcome To Connetc

“ Introducing the exciting new way to connect with others doing the activities you love !”

Conenetc creates possibilities

Connetc is a platform for finding new friends or groups to do activities that you both enjoy. Individuals use Connetc to meet new people, learn new things, find support, browse activities in your area, and pursue their passions, together. With Connetc you can instantly find people and build connections all while doing activities you love.


Connetc is the exciting new way that allows you to connect with others in your area. Centered around activities, Connetc allows you narrow your search or just browse activities connecting you to new friends and experiences


On the Connetc Dashboard, you will be able to find countless activities that you can join or start your own activity and make some new friends !


Connetc also gives everyone a personal profile where you can view all your activities and past events, upload pictures and create new activities.

Group Messaging

Connetc keeps you organized, having everyone in a group message to have all members in the loop or you can message users individually.


Connetc is intergated with maps so that you can get a birds eye view of everything going on near you and connect with others easier than ever.

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